About Aidem Group LLC

Aidem Group LLC

AIDEM Group (AG) LLC is a media consulting/representation company focused on the areas of audio/video content distribution/revenue strategy, digital platforms, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions. AG was founded by Chuck Bortnick.

AG current clients include network radio, podcast and custom streaming radio content producers, video content producers website partnerships, and audio/digital media companies.

AG Bortnick’s background includes network, station and content executive management, as well as business intermediary experience including:

  • Westwood One-Chief Operating Officer
  • Metro Networks-Chief Operating Office/President
  • Cumulus Media-Regional Vice President
  • SparkNet Communications/Jack Radio-Executive Vice President
  • Station Management-NY, Miami, Houston, Cleveland
  • Transworld Business Advisors/Connecticut-Owner/President

Bortnick has structured agreements and partnerships with:

  • Radio & TV Networks/Companies
  • MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL Teams
  • The Olympics
  • High Profile and Developing Talent/Content
  • National Podcast Companies

Bortnick is also a Managing Partner in Game On Media Solutions, a sponsorship/partnership representation company.


Media Business Development
  • Evaluating new ways to expand business.
  • Improving existing assets performance to compliment expansion.
Media Strategy and Execution
  • Assisting marketers with maximizing their media investments.
  • Creative approach to leveraging content and its message.
Media Sales and Monetization Strategy
  • Building Sales Infrastructure-Internal & External.
  • Materials and Process, Targeting and Execution.
Strategic Partnerships
  • Identifying and Introduction of key potential partners.
  • Strategy on making the partnerships work.
Talent / Company Representation
  • Matching Up Talent & Companies with the right content partners.
  • Contract Negotiation & Execution.
  • P&L Growth strategy.
  • Overall company vision. Evaluating potential team members.
Media Acquisition / Exit Strategy
  • Identifying & Introduction to potential buyers and sellers.
  • Assisting in maximizing valuation for sellers and opportunities to enhance an acquisition for buyers.